Breisach Business School – Technology Centre

The Technology Centre of the Breisach Business School near Freiburg in Breisgau, opened a new building in April 2020. As part of this extension, bott equipped the student workshops with a range of bott cubio storage equipment. This high-quality, heavy-duty system, provides the perfect environment for the students to gain practical knowledge.

Mobile cabinets were integrated within the workbench runs - neatly stored under the workbenches for a practical and tidy design. The workshop focuses on vehicle diagnostics and is equipped with all of the essential technical equipment for the perfect working environment. With its functional storage solutions, bott cubio compliments the excellent learning experience throughout the facility.

The school has a very good reputation in the region. Past and present students alike, are proud to have attended Breisach. The syllabus is very diverse and offers education and training to around 1500 pupils. With a choice of vocational or full time training courses, students can learn basic vehicle technology, or attend specific lessons for commercial, passenger, construction and agricultural vehicles, becoming experts in vehicle technology.

"As part of my initial research, I was looking for a holistic concept for the new workshop equipment. I became aware of bott through research on the Internet, but also during discussions with other workshop managers and fitters. The versatility and quality of the bott products coupled with a professional appearance convinced me that this was the brand we needed, and in sharing the bott proposal with our sponsor, the district of Breisgau Hochschwarzwald, they agreed with the strong USPs for bott cubio for our project.

I particularly like the very good workmanship. In addition, the possibility to add to the workbenches and cabinets within their modular system. The versatile and highly functional range combined with the professional appearance have been particularly positive for all of the workshop team. The mobile cabinets were very important to us. The classroom looks much more organised and cleaner when the mobile cabinets are stored in the designated bays after use.

The materials used are high quality. The worktops are robust and at the same time not too chunky. We can change the internal components of the drawers and cabinets individually. This was also particularly important to us, as each area has a different working process and its own priorities. For example, the materials used in the commercial vehicle sector weigh slightly more than those in the motorcycle sector.

Our school is not involved in production or repair processes. Nevertheless, the workbenches are used in each lesson, depending on the different teaching unit. The versatility is particularly important. The maintenance and repair work in the individual trades can be carried out effortlessly on the robust workbenches. Due to the colour coded design, it is immediately clear to each student in which classroom the respective mobile cabinet must be returned.

In the workbenches and cabinets, we store pretty much everything from the smallest fuses in the electrical sector to massive spare parts from the commercial and automotive schools. It is very important to us to follow LEAN practices. We have designed the classrooms in such a way that each room has its own focus but at the same time, the rooms have identical basic equipment. Thanks to the uniform design of the bott cubio workbenches and cabinets, we were able to realize this concept very well."

Hüseyin Kirar