Autodesk Technology Centre - Birmingham

2020 sees the Bott Group celebrating 90 years of industry experience - nine decades of helping customers to create smart and effective working environments. Over this time, our manufacturing processes have radically changed - transformed by new technologies.

Today, it’s companies like Autodesk who are the pioneers of new manufacturing methods - pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and preparing us all for the future of making things.
In February 2018, Autodesk officially relaunched their Technology Centre – Birmingham, one of four Autodesk Technology Centre’s globally. Kitted out with advanced tools, machinery and robot technologies, this state-of-the-art facility is a space for Autodesk to get together with their customers and partners to explore new and innovative fabrication techniques.
As part of the refurbishment, bott were chosen to design, develop and install a custom workplace storage solution. Delivered through contractor Morgan Lovell, the 3-phase design and installation plan included solutions for the machine shop, production area, robot centre and inspection room. The fit-out was completed within 6 months of the first order, with fulfillment in October 2017.
Following an onsite consultation to understand their specific needs, Paul Maynard - Project Sales Manager at bott, created 3D visual proposals for the different areas. By working closely with the engineers and Nick Hill - Operations Manager at the Autodesk Technology Centre – Birmingham, Paul provided a solution for every requirement, advising on the most suitable products and optimum layouts.

Paul Maynard, Project Sales Manager at bott, said:

Each area demanded a properly planned workspace, supported by reliable products for a wide range of applications. With efficiency and flexibility in mind, I recommended options from our high-quality bott cubio range, designed to withstand regular use and well suited to many environments.

For the machine shop and tool setting areas, bott supplied extensive bench systems with integrated cabinets and cupboards; providing useful workbenches for tool maintenance alongside efficient and organised drawer storage. Large storage cupboards securely store CNC tools, whilst bott perfo wall panels provide easy access of smaller tools and parts. High-load capacity benches were recommended to hold a variety of 3D printers used in additive manufacturing and adjustable framework benches provide versatile desking solutions throughout. Flexible mobile options were also supplied, for use in all working areas.

Paul added:

Autodesk employ so many different techniques, from robotics and electronics to machining and milling. Because we have the flexibility of having our own manufacturing facility, we not only provided them with products from our standard range, but were also able to satisfy special requests such as the system cabinet, made with perforated housing for ventilation. All drawer fronts and cupboard doors were also finished in a custom, black gloss powder-coat.

Nick Hill, Operations Manager at the Technology Centre – Birmingham, commented:

We were already familiar with the quality of bott’s products, having previously used some of their products before the refurbishment. We’re not only pleased with the professional and smart look of the equipment and how it’s performing, but are really impressed with the overall service that bott provided in delivering a fully functional workspace, on time and hassle free.


Ergonomically designed, bott cubio is a comprehensive storage system suitable for the most demanding applications. The range covers drawer cabinets, cupboards, workbenches and mobile storage solutions and can also be integrated with the bott perfo storage system. bott cubio products support higher load capacities, are built to last and benefit from a 10 Year guarantee.

We’re always proud to be involved in projects that support inspiring the next generation of engineers and manufacturers. Like bott, Autodesk work closely with the STEM Ambassador network, have partnered with the MTC in Coventry and have made their facilities available to the local education community.

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