Reporting for Duty: Mobile Operating Theatre

Bott joined forces with the RSPCA back in 2016, and since then have equipped them with a fleet of animal transporter vans, as well as kitted out & decaled a number of Ford Connects, to aid in their quest to treat animals.

In 2017, Bott were contacted by the RSPCA with our latest project; the Mobile Operating Theatre. Deployed to bring the Hospital to the area, and treat animals in a more safe and efficient manner.

Bott RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital Handover

The Challenges

With their old vehicle worn and requiring additions, the RSPCA were looking for a modern successor, equipped with designated zones for operating and storage.
RSPCA Cat Neutering Van by Bott

The challenges of this project were:

  • Keeping the vehicle under 3.5 tonne weight limit, meant the Bott team were poised to work together to create a heated, but lightweight operating table
  • Creating the operating lamp, and ensuring it could be stored in a safe and secure manner - drawing expertise from Bott's Electrical Development team and the RSPCA to find the perfect solution
  • Hot water system
  • Integrating specialist veterinary equipment

The Ultimate Solution?

An extensive, 14-month project, utilising expertise from across our Vehicle Conversion team.

Bott’s care and attention throughout the project was excellent and it was great to work with such a supportive company. This project will help the lives of many people and their pets, and we are grateful for Bott’s help in getting us on the road.

Ben Faulkner, Hospital Manager, RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital

Everyone involved was excited by the nature of the project, and found it particularly rewarding to work on, for such a good cause.

Lily Chittim, Sales Coordinator, Bott Ltd
RSPCA Mobile Operating Theatre Bott

The Completed Conversion