Allianz Partners - Roadside Assistance

Delivering premium roadside assistance, supported by Bott's expert van conversions.
Bott Allianz Partners Vehicle Conversion
Bott has a 7-year history working with Allianz Partners UK, originally converting its fleet of Volkswagen T5 in 2012, and now its new generation of roadside assistance vehicles – including Ford Transit Customs and modified BMW 5-Series’.

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Assistance provide 24 hour assistance for drivers in the event of motoring emergencies.

When they wanted an in-vehicle storage solution for their roadside recovery vehicles, the Bott team were able to develop the ideal package based around our Vario range. Allianz have subsequently taken delivery of 25 fully fitted BMW 520d estates. These vehicles allow technicians to safely carry and access the equipment they need and also ensure customers are looked after by their technicians.


Before the build process had even began for these Roadside Assistance vehicles, right until the handover, Bott’s Sales Coordinators worked closely with Allianz Technical Managers to ensure the vehicle specs were 100% fit for purpose.

Tailored to the exact needs of the technicians delivering the Allianz Partners roadside assistance service, the complexity of this build required over 40 hours of work between the two parties, ensuring the conversion worked in the real-world environment.

Bott Allianz Partners Handover
Bott Allianz Partners RDT Tow Dolly

This complex build features an RDT Tow Dolly unit – a recovery component specified by Allianz Partners - requiring the right electrical spec to ensure the units could perform to the required level, whilst providing easy usability.

A focus on maximising customer satisfaction is one of the main goals at Bott, which is why we carry out vehicle handovers onsite, and invite Allianz technicians to be part of the handover process.  Vehicles are checked by the technicians and any issues resolved, if necessary.

Allianz Partners has a long-standing relationship with Bott, who are our preferred partner for our service vehicle conversions. The partnership began in 2012 when they converted our Volkswagen T5 vehicles and now working closely with us to convert our latest fleet of Ford Transit Customs. Bott have been very proactive in coming up with specific solutions for our business needs, listening to what we need, offering us a number of alternatives and then designing and implementing a workable solution. They have managed the whole process from design to handover in a well-run and professional manner, backed by excellent project communication by their account manager at all times. The final result is the best fleet of assistance vehicles we have had to date. As a business we have been very happy with the service provided by Bott and would highly recommend the company and its team of professionals to anyone considering a specialist vehicle conversion.

Adrian Cox, Technical Manager, Allianz Partners

Working with Allianz Partners is a challenging but very rewarding project. I work very closely with Adrian Cox [Allianz Technical Manager] to achieve the end goal, Adrian has great technical knowledge and because of that a good understanding of what is achievable. Personally, I am very proud to work on such a complex build, that meets the customer needs. Carrying out the handovers here at Bott provides a great opportunity for me to not only ensure the customer is happy, but also build my relationship with them.

Will Taylor, Key Account Coordinator, Bott Ltd

The Completed Conversion