5 ways a well-designed conversion can improve efficiency

1. An organised workspace saves time

  • Aids more efficient working
  • Gives better visibility of stock and tools
  • Helps right-size vehicle
  • Quicker location-finding with Bott Pick-to-Light

2. Safe loading reduces anxiety and incidents

  • Spreads weight across the axles
  • Reduces movement with easy-fit straps and shoring poles
  • Ergonomic layout avoids over-stretching with heavy/awkward items
  • Additional support for lifting heavier items e.g. onboard crane

3. Additional security features help peace of mind

  • Slow down potential thieves with deadlocks/slam-locks
  • Increase visibility with 360 degrees & internal camera apps
  • Protect tools in lockable cabinets & vaults
  • Reduced risk of roadside theft with key-out power systems

4. The right quality specification reduces downtime

  • Designed for all tasks, tools and tech required
  • Proven quality standard, fit for purpose long-term
  • Increased reliability through pre-use testing

5. Reliable power solutions help get the job done

  • Optimised to deliver all tasks required
  • Remote data-logging to understand requirements
  • Solutions range from high power inverters to low emission ‘engine-off’

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