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05. February 2018

Wheeler Dealers

At Bott, we pride ourselves on the durability and flexibility of our workplace storage solutions. However, we’ve never put our equipment to the test in an environment quite like the high octane, million mile an hour world of the Discovery Channel’s programme, Wheeler Dealers.

Wheeler Dealers is a television show that follows the exploits of Mike Brewer and his master mechanic Edd China, as they scour the UK and the US for rare second hand cars that they can then recondition, refurbish and sell for a profit. They’ve worked with some of the UK’s best loved and most iconic cars, from the Rover P5b to the Volkswagen Corrado.

In order to work their magic with the second hand cars they find, mechanic Edd China needs a workshop that can adapt to suit his needs week on week. Bott provided a bott cubio modular system, painted Edd’s signature orange, that was perfectly suited to the task. The bott cubio system consisted of a series of static and mobile cabinets that could be arranged into a number of combinations depending on what Edd was working on, ensuring he always had the right parts and equipment close to hand. What’s more, with heavy duty casters on the mobile cabinets and an overall 1 tonne capacity, there was no question of the Bott equipment not being tough enough!

master mechanic Edd China


Wheeler Dealers spent a whole season of filming putting the bott cubio system through its paces, with new cars and even tougher challenges each episode. We’ll have a full case study coming soon and a video with Edd China using our workplace storage during filming. Check back soon for all this and more!

putting the bott cubio system through its paces