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14. May 2024

The significance of MACH: How the exhibition impacts bott

We had a fantastic time at this year's MACH exhibition, where we were thrilled to present our message on individualisation and project solutions. Our show stopping stand emphasised that workplace storage doesn't need to fade into the background, but how it can be tailored to create a professional workspace that best represents your brand and operations.

Held this year from the 15th - 19th of April at the NEC in Birmingham, the bi-annual MACH exhibition serves as a central hub for showcasing UK manufacturing technologies and innovation. As the UK's longest-running manufacturing and engineering exhibition, MACH stands out for its unparalleled ability to showcase a wide range of manufacturing technology solutions. Its unique position in the industry makes it a critical event for the sector. The exhibition holds significant importance in bott's event calendar - our UK Sales Director, Mandy Bickle, explains why.

Manufacturing, technologies & innovation

“When I think about MACH I get excited because it’s a show full of engineers, like-minded UK manufacturers and proud producers. In the UK we are known for engineering, we are inventors, creative thinkers, builders and innovators. These companies need storage solutions that are the framework of their manufacturing process. 

A well thought out and durable system can reduce inefficiency, optimise workflows and provide ergonomic solutions for their teams.  They can then focus on producing their own products to the best of their abilities. As a manufacturer ourselves, we know what challenges they have and we constantly develop our products to ensure that they are the most functional on the market."  

Creative thinkers, builders & innovators

"We have been exhibiting at MACH for as long as I can remember, at least the last 20 years, as we still have the stand drawings for MACH 2004. Over the years, the way we have presented our capabilities has changed - from a range of standalone products, to showcasing our projects and solutions. Customers are not only investing in our high-quality products, they're investing in a solution. We work with them to create the optimum working environment, whatever their business process.” 

20+ years at MACH

On our stand at MACH this year, we emphasised that our commitment extends beyond manufacturing and supplying products, to include our extensive project service.

Our focus is on helping customers to improve, and evolve, and get the best out of their working environments. Understanding that every business is different, we work together with them to create efficient, organised, tailored workspaces, based on their individual needs, operations, and workflows.

We take great pride in our workspace planning service, and are delighted by the fantastic feedback we consistently receive from customers regarding the excellent support we provide throughout the entire process. Learn more about our complete project service here.

Our project service

Most of the engineers who attend MACH use various types of machine tools, and our CNC storage options on display this year generated a lot of interest with potential customers. Designed for the secure storage and transportation of valuable machine tools around the workplace, our specialist range includes high-capacity cupboards, trolleys and workbench mounted units. Learn more about our CNC tool storage options here.

CNC tool storage

The bott cubio range and accessories integrate seamlessly with our CNC storage solutions to offer further security for your tools. We offer several options for storing CNC tools and carriers within the heavy-duty cupboards and drawer cabinets. For high-capacity storage, with ease of access and security, CNC tooling may be stored in one of the bott cubio static or mobile cabinets. Explore bott cubio here.

Overall, MACH serves as a crucial platform for bott to enhance its industry presence, drive business growth, and stay at the forefront of innovation in manufacturing and workplace storage solutions. Thanks to everyone who came to see us at MACH 2024, we hope you loved our bespoke solution as much as we did.  

Roll on MACH 2026!

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