19. October 2023

Sustainability In The Workplace - Refurbished Workstations

There are plenty of reasons why you may need to repair or refurbish your workplace storage equipment. Perhaps elements have been damaged over time, or you may even need to upgrade for increased storage capacity. Continue reading for a whole host of benefits for your business.

The benefits of restoring your workshop equipment

We believe in creating high quality products that deliver a long lifespan, benefiting your workspace year-on-year. Our in-house design, testing and manufacturing processes are all focussed on product longevity, and this extends to refurbishment. Sometimes items wear from excessive use, incur damage or simply need tweaking to suit a new purpose. That’s why we offer spare parts; allowing you to upgrade, fix up and transform your bott workplace storage equipment.

Spare parts are available for our heavy duty cubio benches, workstations, drawer cabinets, and cupboards, to help promote sustainability in your workspace.  In this article, we will explain the benefits of carrying out repairs and refurbishments for your business.

Waste reduction

By choosing to refurbish and reuse items, you contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources. When storage equipment such as cabinets, are put back into use, it diverts them from ending up in landfills or incinerators. Embracing the concept of a Circular Economy, where products are continually reused, refurbished, and recycled, helps to build a more sustainable and resilient economy.

Enabling the purchase of spare parts aligns with the principles of the Circular Economy, where products are kept in use for as long as possible. This encourages responsible consumer behaviour and contributes to the reduction of waste, making it a positive practice for individuals, businesses, and the environment.

1. Championing a more sustainable workplace


Extended product support

Choosing to refurbish instead of replacing an entire product, is a cost-effective way to carry out essential maintenance and repairs in the workshop. The availability of spare parts allows you to fix and replace worn-out components that may occur through everyday use, thereby extending the overall lifespan of your workplace storage equipment.

2. Cost-effective repairs

Maximise your product’s potential

Workstation refurbishment allows for customisation and upgrades. You can add new components, features, or modify equipment to fit specific needs for your business. This helps to future proof your organisation as things naturally change and grow. Our products can also be adapted to create custom solutions, to better suit individual employees' needs and preferences. Better workplace ergonomics improves health, comfort, and productivity.

To help maximise your product’s potential, we offer a wide and comprehensive range of accessories, ensuring your workplace storage equipment delivers 100% efficiency.

3. Flexibility and customisation

Restore. Renew. Repair.

By following our tips and implementing a proactive approach to maintenance, you can extend the life of your workshop equipment, reduce downtime, and maximise the value of your investment.

How to extend the lifespan of your bott workshop equipment

Prolonging the life of your storage equipment is not only cost-effective, but also ensures that your cubio cabinets, cupboards and benches operate efficiently and safely. Here are seven tips to help you extend their lifespan...

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the surfaces of your workplace storage cabinets and cupboards. Regularly wipe down surfaces to remove any build-up and use compressed air to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Create a maintenance schedule for your tool storage equipment and stick to it. Perform regular inspections, including the tightening of screws and bolts, and address any issues promptly.

Train anyone who will be using the workshop equipment. Proper usage and handling can prevent unnecessary strain or misuse that might damage the tools.

Be aware of the equipment's load capacity and avoid exceeding it. This can cause excessive stress on the components and lead to breakdowns.

Keep an eye on the condition of the equipment's parts, such as castors, drawer slides and runners, and locking mechanisms. Replace any worn or damaged parts promptly to prevent further damage to the machine.

Ensure that you are using the appropriate tool storage equipment for the task at hand. Using the wrong tool can lead to inefficiencies and damage to both the tool and the equipment.

If you notice any performance issues with your equipment, stop using it immediately and address the problem. Ignoring such issues can lead to more significant and costly repairs later.

Our customer promise

With our 'Built to Last' commitment, you can trust that your workplace storage equipment will maintain its quality over time, meeting the rigorous demands of your operations. Our UK-manufactured products come with a 10-year extended warranty, and our support is just a phone call away.