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05. February 2024

Celebrating Apprenticeships at Bott Ltd

National Apprenticeship Week is an opportunity for us to celebrate the success of our current apprentices, and to encourage more people to consider this rewarding career pathway. Some of our longest serving employees began their journey as an apprentice, and have worked their way to higher management and executive positions. We are a proud employer, always searching for enthusiastic, driven individuals looking to develop skills for life.

Apprenticeships offer students the unique mix of on-the-job training and classroom education, providing a holistic set of skills preparing them for their future. Connor Finnimore and Natan Frej began an apprenticeship with us last year at our Bude site where we manufacture workplace storage equipment

During their first year rotating through the production facility, Connor is working in the Fabrication area, while Natan is within Cabinet Assembly, they are both attending Petroc College one day a week, growing their technical knowledge. At our vehicle conversions site in Cumbernauld, James Alexander Jackson is completing his course as a Trainee Mechanical Fitter and attends New College Lanarkshire.

Apprenticeships across the UK

Participating in National Apprenticeship Week highlights the value of apprenticeships in bridging skill gaps and fostering workforce development. It promotes opportunities for both individuals and businesses, contributing to economic growth and innovation.

Working at bott, I've honed skills in effective communication, problem-solving, and adapting to diverse tasks and challenges. I've developed a strong attention to detail and the ability to collaborate within a team to achieve goals efficiently. 

I chose an apprenticeship at bott because of its reputation for providing hands-on learning experiences, opportunities for growth, and a supportive environment for skill development. I was drawn to the chance to work with industry professionals and gain practical knowledge in my field of interest.

-Natan Frej

By choosing an apprenticeship with us, they learn more than theoretical and practical knowledge by acquiring transferable skills such as:

  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Adaptability
  • Timekeeping

Skills for life

Noah Bishop, Ethan Yates and Josh Myatt are all in their second year of an Electrical Apprenticeship, they have been working at our Ashby site for a year while attending Stevenson College in Coalville one day a week.

They work on van conversions installing wires, lighting and beacons. We recently chatted to them about why they think it’s important to take part in National Apprenticeship Week, and what they have learnt during their time with us. They expressed that it is crucial to spread awareness of alternative opportunities out there that champion practical learning.

Championing practical learning


Noah knew that he wanted to do something electrical but didn’t know what or where until he heard about us. “It appealed to me to earn while I learn and I didn’t want to be at college all the time”.

Since working at bott, he says that he has matured by going straight into the workplace, gaining new skills and a new outlook on life.

“I enjoy the problem solving aspect of the job and the specific training on higher voltage goods, they gave me a head start and prepared me for college. The staff are friendly people to work with, you’re encouraged to take pride in your work.”

“They gave me a head start and prepared me for college”

Ethan found out about the opportunity from his dad who currently works with bott as a sub-contractor. The prospect to earn while you learn also interested him. He has learnt valuable life skills that can be applied in and out of the workplace such as teamwork, electrical knowledge, work ethic and confidence to talk to people of different levels.

“Everyone is approachable, just ask if you need help”

Josh also expressed how he has gained life skills through his apprenticeship, especially when working with hand tools. He now has a knowledge of how to use different tools for the right job effectively & safely both at work and at home.

In addition to studying for a nationally recognised qualification at college, we teach our apprentices on the job so that they are constantly developing new skills, overcoming challenges, and achieving personal goals.


“Don’t be too hard on yourself, you are learning”

I found the specific training on differing voltage vehicles really useful. This give me a head start and prepared me for college. We learn about the different types of cables, trunking, special tools to use and how it all works.

We asked our apprentices; If you could go back to your first day at bott and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be?

“Don’t rush, take one step at a time.”

“Just to take every day as it comes, don’t stress.”

“Don’t be nervous to talk to people, ask questions if you’re stuck. All the staff are approachable.”

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