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23. August 2023

Wood carving workshop gets new equipment from bott

Whether you’re a large company looking for a commercial workspace, or want to enhance your personal workshop, we have the right solution for you.

Our custom built workshop equipment is an excellent choice for trades people who value efficiency and organised working. We recently worked with a passionate woodcarver from Kirchham near Austria, who had his workshop equipped with new  bott verso kit. The workshop includes bott verso drawer cabinets, wall mounted verso cupboards and large verso cupboards in our standard colour, gentian blue.

A quality solution

Systemschränke, Hängeschränke sowie eine große Werkbank aus der Produktserie verso von bott

Previously, Herbert Danzer worked as a hobby woodcarver out of his temporary workshop that was also used to store firewood. Since investing more and more time into his passion, he decided to upgrade his work environment to in a professional workshop to take his carvings to the next level. Herbert Danzer’s excellent technique means he is able to fulfil diverse requests from customers, from classic eagles, owls and bears to intricate modern art used for interior design, exhibitions or garden pieces. For work as meticulous as this, our professional verso range was the perfect system to support and enhance Herbert’s way of working.

Our professional verso range

Einrichtung der Werkstatt von Motorsagla

Mr Danzer was familiar with bott as an owner of our vehicle racking, and soon learned that we offered workplace storage solutions as well. The bott equipment is not only a storage system for tools and equipment, but protects, organises and significantly improves his workflow process meaning he can complete a larger volume of work to a higher standard - he also now offers his own carving courses.

The wood sculptor is thrilled with his new workshop, and is happy to now be able to work in a professional environment made to suit his unique requirements.

Protect, organise and enhance

Werkbank von bott der Produktserie verso mit Schraubstock und Schubladen

 "It's incredible how my working environment has changed. I now have much more space and storage to organise my tools and materials. My favourite piece is the vice. I never thought I would use it so often and so well.” -Herbert Danzer

Setting up an ergonomic workshop needs to be carefully designed to suit your requirements. Our team are always available to guide you towards the right furnishings for your premises and requirements. Get in touch with our team for an innovative storage solution to boost productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

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