Case Studies
18. March 2024

Optimising workflows for Linde Material Handing

Linde Material Handling are a global company that produce high-performance material flow solutions. Specialising in warehouse equipment and forklifts, Linde MH’s guiding principle is to ‘keep the world moving’ with a goal to grow the business by empowering staff and focusing on a customer-centred approach.

Linde MH intensively research and develop ergonomic technologies to reduce physical and mental strain on individuals. Linde MH forklifts can achieve up to 30% higher handling capacity than competitors reducing staff and energy costs. Their smaller, efficient fleets also produce fewer emissions, vibrations and noise, prioritising staff welfare and wellbeing.

With efficiency being the backbone of successful intra-company logistics, Linde MH strive to streamline processes by re-thinking material workflow. Their innovative, ergonomic design and technologies lessen the impact of daily work, promoting comfort and safety alongside organisation and productivity.

People & technology in harmony

With a shared understanding of the importance of optimising workflows and LEAN processes, we worked together with Linde MH to drive efficiency throughout their company with our verso workplace storage equipment. We have worked on two projects for Linde MH, both with similar configurations of our professional verso range to make individual workstations acting as service bays for engineers to work on their trucks.

The first facility to be kitted out was in Basingstoke last year, the site saw an increase in productivity and quality of work since the installation of our equipment. Linde Material Handling then approached us to fit out their new facility in Bridgend, with a similar set up of modular service stations with unique product designs seamlessly integrated into one another.

Why choose bott?

These productivity boosting workstations consisted of bott verso cupboards, drawer cabinets and perfo panels. The efficient storage system perfo allows their equipment to be easily accounted for, trimming down unnecessary time finding or replacing lost tools. This specific set up also included a multifunctional, drawer fronted, mobile maintenance trolley that can be used on its own for servicing, or can sit within the whole workstation as functional storage. This bespoke design utilised our custom design and build service, and was made specifically for the service bay workstations at both Linde MH facilities.

Custom design and build

As a company that understands the value of systematic, structured workflow, our smart storage solutions finished in ‘gentian blue’ and ‘crimson red’ have proved a valuable system for engineers at Linde MH, with statistics provided by Linde MH proving the high quality of our products.

A combination of bott workshop equipment and implementing 5S & LEAN efficiency processes at Linde MH has resulted in the average prep time per truck reducing 37% in 18 months. The organisation of tools, parts and other equipment has contributed towards trimming down intra-company processes.

- Dean Vann, Linde Material Handling 

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