The Bott Group

The Bott Group is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of workshop equipment, in-vehicle equipment and workplace systems. With production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom and Hungary, and with licensed partners and importers across the globe, Bott has a worldwide service network enabling us to respond to local needs. From design and manufacture to supply and installation, Bott has a strong reputation for high product quality, service excellence and value for money. An integral part of our corporate philosophy is meeting customer specifications and project requirements with a meticulous attention to detail...



    In 1930 Wilhelm Bott established a mechanical workshop in a mill near Gaildorf – the birthplace of today’s Bott Group. In 1940 the business was already employing 70 people, and today Bott is a leading manufacturer of workshop equipment, in-vehicle equipment and workplace systems. We offer a wide range of professional equipment for industry and craft trades; our storage systems are designed to enhance efficiency in workshops and mobile service. Bott now employs some 944 people world-wide (2015) with a turnover of €122 million (2015). Today Bott can look back on more than 80 years of company tradition. This is both a challenge and a responsibility, but also a mark of acknowledgement.

      Our Environmental Policies

      We take our obligations to the environment very seriously. A number of measures have been implemented that ensure our manufacturing operations limit our impact on the natural environment. Bott Ltd is registered to and meets the requirements of the internationally recognised Environmental Management Standard - ISO 14001:2004 by NQA (Certificate No. E1080/1). Bott Ltd manufacture and distribute high quality Storage Equipment and Workplace Systems. The Company recognises that almost all the activities of an organization or individual have some impact on the environment. The company also understands that in the interests of sustainability...

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      Energy Policy

      Energy management and efficient use of finite fossil fuel resources have never been more to the fore than now. Companies worldwide need to carefully consider the impact that they have on the environment they work in, and energy is a key area of concern.
      At Bott, we take our responsibility for use of energy seriously, and we pro-actively pursue ways to minimise energy usage. Our production facilities are designed and specified with energy conservation in mind...

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      Waste Policy

      The company is aware of the need to minimise waste, and pursues this through a variety of targets and methods. Bott products are manufactured to provide a long service life and as a result are not expected to enter the recycling chain as early as many competitor products. Product durability and long service design life are therefore key to our recycling targets, and material specification is a key element in all R&D activities
      Waste is an inevitable by-product of manufacture and whilst every effort is made to eliminate it through design, some waste streams do exist and have to be managed...

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      Materials Policy

      Manufacture of products requires the use of raw materials, and wherever possible Bott tries to minimise impact on the environment further up the supply chain. It does this through sensitive sourcing and procurement and by ensuring that materials once procured are used as efficiently as possible.
      Raw materials are purchased wherever possible from outlets which offer a high recycled content or from sustainable sources. Steel is sourced from European mills which use recycled steel and iron in their input streams. Timber is sourced from suppliers who use sustainable forests...

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      Our Quality Policy

      Bott is certified to ISO 9001 at its three sites in the UK. Bott products also carry the GS symbol for TÜV approved safety. Bott is a manufacturer of high quality workplace and storage solutions. The Bott philosophy is based on total quality, rapid response, value for money and reliability. The Bott Quality Policy Bott Limited manufacture and distribute high quality storage equipment and workplace systems. It is the policy of Bott Limited to ensure that each contract is executed and fulfilled in a manner that sets and maintains a level of reliability and service consistent with fully meeting the requirements and specifications of the customers...

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