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Ergonomic design ensures both staff welfare and efficiency

Ergonomic Design

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Bott understand that your requirements are unique and that an off-the-shelf solution is unlikely to give the required level of performance. With this in mind, Bott Avero has been designed as a modular system, which allows a high level of flexibility and future seamless expansion. In order to develop your application, Bott provide a full sales and solution development service, enabling us to deliver a product which is matched to your requirements. This service includes: User needs analysis (including site visits), Initial concept development on our 3D system, Final planning design, and completed 3D renders, Production Delivery and on-site assembly, Long-term product support from a stable partner. Throughout the process a single point of contact enables easy communication, and high quality 3D planning allows you to visualise your solution at an early stage.

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Ergonomic design

To ensure both staff welfare and efficiency, ergonomic design was key for the Bott Avero range with the following features being present:

  • Adjustable working height options to allow seated or standing working, with ergonomic items such as user footrests
  • Tilting and swivelling options to allow users to position parts bins in the most comfortable positions
  • Lighting and magnification solutions, enabling the creation of a worker-friendly environment

In addition, as with all Bott products, the Bott Avero range has been designed to avoid sharp edges and other possible workplace hazards.

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Zero waste

The Bott Avero system has been designed to allow you to integrate lean manufacturing principles such as 5S into your operations. When designing Bott Avero applications we look to identify any of the 7 wastes and configure the operation so all processes create value for the end customer.

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