Maximise Your Van Space


Bott modulo has been designed to allow you to get the most out of your small panel van. Traditional van racking systems use a signficant amount of your storage area, leaving you with very little space to carry bulky items in your load bay.

Bott modulo is different - we have carefully analysed small panel vans, our unique design features shelving that follows the vehicle profile so it uses space that's normally wasted. The result - an efficient racking system which still leaves a good-sized central load bay.

Virtual Tour

Click on the image to take a virtual tour of a Bott modulo vehicle conversion.

The Bott modulo system has been designed to work in harmony with the structure of your vehicle, unlike some systems which mount to vehicle side panels, the modulo system fixes to existing points within your vehicle - with no drilling required.


SMARTVAN is Bott's self-fit, no drill solution for tradesman which gives you the best in Bott van racking technology. Visit our online configurator to choose your van racking and start getting more out of your van with SMARTVAN.


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