bott vario

Bott Vario’s advanced storage systems allow you to craft an organised and tidy workspace, resulting in an efficient operation. A wide range of mobile working, fixed and removable storage systems allow you to tailor your own individual solution.

  • Hybrid aluminium and steel construction
  • Sophisticated storage and mobile working
  • Contemporary technical style
  • Designed for demanding application
  • Made in the UK
  • Designed to last for two vehicle lifecycles

bott uno

Bott Uno is designed for medium to large commercial vehicles. It's a robust and affordable alternative to traditional wooden van racking. With durable steel construction and a comprehensive range of accessories, Uno provides flexible and high quality vehicle van racking storage at a competitive price. Uno is a Galvanised steel racking system which fits medium and large vans, it is strong and robust and excellent value which is designed to last for two vehicle lifecycles.

  • Galvanised steel racking system
  • Fits medium and large vans
  • Strong and robust
  • Excellent value
  • Designed to last for two vehicle lifecycle
  • Made in the UK

bott modulo

Bott’s innovative modulo van racking system utilises wasted space at the side of vehicles to enable the most efficient use of space, enabling you to get more from your fleet. Designed for small and medium vehicles the system is easy fit and robust. Modulo racking is compatible with manufacturer's supplied floors and has a wide range of strong and robust storage options.

  • Designed for small and medium vehicles
  • Maximises utilisation of load space
  • Does not disturb central loading area
  • Compatible with Manufacturer floor
  • Wide range of storage option
  • Strong and Robust
  • Made in the UK