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Q & A’s with the Bloodhound Engineers:

How did the team arrive at Bott for help with the bending of the parts?

“Bloodhound have a very good working relationship with Bott and we were aware of their capability for bending sheet steel, we had a requirement to bend some titanium stringers and asked if they would be able to help as they had the size of machine we required”.

What were the challenges?

“Bott bend mild steel sheet every day and understand it properties, the way it springs and the pressures it requires. Titanium is a much lighter stronger material whose properties are very different to mild steel, so it was a steep learning curve on how to use it”.

Why is Titanium used?

“We are using titanium for this part for its strength to weight ratio, the stringers give the whole structure its rigidity”.

What part of the car will the parts be used for?

“Front floor pan, so this will see some very high pressures as the car speeds to 1000mph”.
The formed components will be used in the fabrication of the car’s front floor pan and as well as providing the team with all of their workshop equipment, Bott are proud to have played a part in this British Engineering showcase.

The Bloodhound SSC is made up of over 700 unique components in manufacture. You can see them in the video of their ‘kit car’