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Bott Workshop Equipment Stars in New TV Show

Aired on Thursday the 24th of April Kevin's Supersized Salvage features Kevin McCloud who challenges three designers to turn one plane - an Airbus A320 - into hundreds of amazing new products in a giant upcycling experiment.

The daunting task for the team is to find a new use for every single piece of the plane, leaving only an empty hangar behind them.

The office pods and desk lamps, rickshaws and rocking chairs, luggage, storage and even jewellery that they fashion from this fallen giant will prove - in a spectacular and sustainable way - that creativity is a genuine solution to Britain's waste crisis.

It's not just the size of this challenge that makes it tough; to master it, the designers need endless ingenuity, patience and the entrepreneurial skills and sales patter to sell their sometimes outlandish creations.

Bott was approached early on in the project to supply cabinets, benches and cupboards to the show; these are used to house the tools and equipment used by the designers, helping the team to work efficiently on this mammoth task. The project was ideal for Bott due to it's alignment with the company's philosophy of developing products "Built to Last" which deliver a long service life, thereby reducing waste, and making good use of valuable resources.

At the end of the show the cabinets will be sold to raise money for the neuroblastoma children's cancer alliance (NCCA), helping to support the charities ongoing and important work.

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