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Bott – the Workshop Equipment behind the Bloodhound 1000mph Car

Bott has supported the Bloodhound world land speed record attempt from the early days of the project. With the actual car now in build, the project is gaining increasing momentum and growing bigger. To support this new growth Bott recently supplied additional workshop equipment to enable the team to benefit from enhanced professional workspace.

Bott spoke with Tony Parraman, PR and Sponsorship Manager at Bloodhound, to find how the equipment is helping in the quest to capture the world land speed record.

Tony, what are your main aims?

“The Bloodhound Project is an open and inclusive international education initiative focused around designing, building and racing the world's first 1000mph car.
To put it simply our mission is:

To confront and overcome the impossible, using science, technology, engineering and mathematics
To motivate the next generation to deal with global 21st-century challenges.

It’s a big mountain to climb, but it’s hugely exciting and every day is a new adventure for the team.”

How are things progressing?

“Developing a 1000mph car on a tight budget is a massive challenge, but we’re doing well. Most of the design work has been done, and we’re starting the build, which is a hugely exciting and rewarding phase for the team.”

How have the Bott products helped?

“Without a well organised workshop this project would not be possible. It may not be the most glamorous part of the project, but it’s a vital one and we’re very pleased to have Bott’s support.”

How are the Bott products used?

“We have a range of Bott Cubio products, including benches, mobile units, cupboards and cabinets. Not only are your products used throughout the workshop, but we also have your dedicated storage units mounted next to the car assembly to allow for easy access to tools and consumables.”

Click to see a film which shows the units in situ.

“The Bott equipment has also been used to support some of the key components of the car – literally! For example, the Formula One Cosworth engine which is used to power the rocket fuel pump sat for a while on a Bott cabinet. A very real-world test of the strength of Bott’s equipment.

In addition to being in our workshop, some of the Bott equipment will be joining us for the record attempt in the desert. So be prepared for some hot and dusty cabinets!”

What’s next for Bloodhound?

“Whilst all eyes are on completing the final build, we’ve broken the project down into small steps. So the next big target for us is completing the fin assembly fixture, which we’re hoping to do before Christmas 2013.”

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