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Bott Supports Educational Engineering Campaign with Record Beating SuperSonic Car

Bott continues to support the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car by providing our highly durable workshop storage solutions which have been installed throughout the car assembly workshop and assigned to individual engineers working on the project. The project’s aim is to develop the first car to break the 1,000 mph barrier in a land-based vehicle on four wheels and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology and maths by demonstrating how they can be harnessed to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Bott has provided cupboards, drawer units and work benching from the Cubio range for use in the build, fabrication and engineering areas as the project grows. Due to the highly sophisticated setup of the project’s operations we have ensured that the products meet the requirements of each engineer, with every individual having their own storage cupboard and workbench for tools and equipment specific to their role.

Bott’s involvement in the project goes deeper than that; the company feels that this project is vital in inspiring future generations of engineers. Clive Woodward CEO Bott Limited commented; “In the UK alone, the project is already being followed in over 5,000 primary and secondary schools and around seven million students have access to Bloodhound information where this is related to their curriculum. This programme has successfully reignited the passion that drove Britain’s engineers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We feel that this is of vital importance if we are to continue developing Britain’s engineering prowess for future generations. This project is more than just breaking records, it’s setting milestones for the future.”

Wing Commander Andy Green, the current World Land Speed record holder, commenting in The Telegraph said; “As we become more dependent on our technology, we are also becoming more isolated from it. Every kid at school owns a mobile phone, but I have yet to meet one who can take it apart and tell me what the components do. Our aim is to reconnect this generation with the science and technology that we rely on so heavily. We want to get them to ask one question, “How does that work?”, and the excitement of a 1,000mph car is the ideal thing to start that process. The Bloodhound Project is inviting millions of young people to share the technology of an “Engineering Adventure”, the description given to our project, to explore their world and in doing so to explore their own potential. This is the generation that will build and live in the high-technology, low-carbon world of tomorrow, and sharing our Engineering Adventure is a first step into their future.”

The car has been designed to run at speeds up to 1,000 mph and being jet and rocket powered has 133,000 bhp which equates to the same as 180 Formula 1 cars.

Clive Woodward added; “We are really privileged to be involved in such an outstanding project that shares similar values to our own business. The superior build quality of the vehicle and the level of detail that is going into making this project a success is something which we are delighted to be supporting. An integral part of our philosophy is meeting customised specifications and project requirements with meticulous attention to detail. The project is a great showcase for British engineering and helps to raise our profile on a world stage. We wish them every success.”

For more information on the Bloodhound SuperSonic car, click here to access the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car website.