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Bott Products Used to Help Build Bloodhound Supersonic Car

Bott Ltd are proud to be a product sponsor of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car Project, helping to ensure a smooth and efficient vehicle build by supplying professional workshop storage solutions to the assembly workshop.

The Bloodhound SSC has been designed to run at speeds of 1,000 mph and because it is jet and rocket powered it has 133,000bhp, the same as 180 Formula 1 cars. The mission of the project is to ‘confront and overcome the seemingly impossible’ using science, technology, engineering and mathematics to motivate the next generation of engineers and scientists to deal with global 21st century challenges.

The SSC workshop based in Bristol is fitted out with a large selection of cupboards, drawer units, work benches and tool boxes from the Bott cubio range. Due to the highly sophisticated setup of the project’s operations, Bott products have been specified to meet the requirements of each engineer, with every individual having their own storage cupboard and workbench for tools and equipment, particular to their role.

Bott caught up with Chris Dee, the Bloodhound SSC Assembly & Build Lead, to find out how Bott products are helping the team to achieve their plan to smash the World Land Speed Record, and at the same time inspire the next generation of Scientists and Engineers with an iconic project.

Why is a good workshop essential to the Bloodhound Team?

"For us, there are two key points, firstly, a well organised workshop drives efficiency and secondly, a smart and tidy workshop shows a commitment to delivering an excellent result."

How does this work in practice?

“The controlled storage of components is vital in the smooth running of the car build. We are under time pressure and need to access tool and equipment quickly. We also have a lot of expensive equipment which needs secure storage if its integrity and serviceability is to be maintained.

We also wanted to create a smart and professional working environment for the team, achieving this is vital as it clearly demonstrates our commitment to excellence and a professional approach. Because of the high profile of the supersonic car we often have people come to look around, many of them are VIPs and sponsors – and our workshop is a key highlight of their visit.”

What are the cabinets and workshop storage used for?

“Actually – they are so strong that we have been using one of the cabinets to rest one half of the rocket on! It supports the weight very well and has proved invaluable. It’s a manageable height to put components on and to use as both tool storage and work-surface.”

Which Bott products are you working with in the Bloodhound Supersonic Car workshop?

“We have cabinets and toolboxes from the Bott cubio range, which is ideal for an engineering workshop. The benches are used in the electronics bay and store all the electronics for the studio. These are a new addition that came in the second half of the Bott supply.”

Why is it so important to attract good quality product sponsors like Bott?

“This is the most complex car ever designed and the cost associated with it is incredible. Product sponsorship is great because it means that we can spend valuable funds on the car – not on the support equipment. Many of the Bott products will be able to travel through with us to the desert, particularly as the drawers are lockable ensuring local security and safe storage of parts."

Images courtesy of Stefan Marjoram