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Bott Ltd Kits Out Service Vehicles for STILL Materials Handling Ltd

Bott has kitted out 17 Ford Transit Custom vans for STILL UK - the forklift truck manufacturer and intralogistics provider. The vans, which are being used as service vehicles for STILL forklift trucks, have been fitted with vehicle racking as well as being decaled with STILL’s corporate branding.

Bott is the industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of in-vehicle equipment including fleet van conversions, workshop cabinets and storage solutions. Following a 30-year relationship, STILL have recently invested in 17 new Ford Transit Custom vans, adding to the existing fleet of 45 vehicles in its service fleet. The vans have been kitted out with Bott racking, which will be used by STILL’s field engineers who service and repair STILL forklift trucks in operation across the UK.

STILL is a supplier of forklift trucks, platform trucks, tractors and warehouse handling equipment, as well as intralogistics systems. Its products range from complete solutions for large and small operations in varying industries, to computerised logistics programs for effective warehouse and material flow management. As well as travelling from place to place in their service vehicles, STILL’s engineers use them to transport and store tools including: jacks, spares, lubricants, electronic parts, laptop computers and printers – so high-quality vehicle racking and storage is essential, to maximise efficiency and ensure a safe travelling environment.

Steve Howell, STILL UK’s Transport Manager, said: “We use van racking in our vehicles for many reasons, but most importantly for health and safety; efficient organisation means tools and equipment are safely stored and do not cause danger to the driver in the vehicle in case of accidents. It also ensures that our investment in top quality tools is protected; they are looked after and easy to locate, which saves time and energy when our engineers are servicing STILL equipment.”

The vans have been kitted out with the Bott Vario range of vehicle racking. Vario is approximately 30% lighter than its predecessor, which is a huge advantage for STILL as our engineers have a wide range of heavy items to stow within the vehicle whilst remaining within their payload restraints. As Vario is a highly designed, lightweight system with extremely strong components, it enables STILL’s operatives to store and secure all of their parts whilst in transit, without the worry of being over the van’s payload limit. This is all backed up by weight indication stickers on every shelf and drawer to help ensure accidental overloading is alleviated.

Darren Cooper from Bott said: “STILL approached Bott with a clear view of their desired solution for the vans, and we were able to create 3D renderings of the final specification. When I met with Steve Howell (STILL UK’s Transport Manager) I demonstrated the benefits of the innovative weight-saving technology which is engineered into the Vario range. STILL’s engineers cover long distances to provide onsite support to customers, meaning it was ever more important to create an efficient and long-lasting solution to cover all of their engineers’ requirements now and moving into the future. Also our lightweight Vario system ensured that STILL could reduce their fuel costs whilst carrying the same stock levels as they have been used to.

The Bott Vario range provides bespoke and flexible working space that can include drawers, shelving units, removable service cases, lockers, laptop trays, retractable vices, restraining straps and a wide range of accessory equipment.

Steve Howell added: “We approached Bott for our vehicle racking because it is high quality, long-lasting equipment which is ideal for our operations. Our engineers require top quality and innovative designs, very much like our own equipment. The feedback we have received from the engineers has been exceptional, and they have been more than satisfied with the overall designs and installation. The vehicles were built at Bott’s Ashby vehicle conversion centre earlier this year, and since then the work and delivery schedules have been managed meticulously by Bott, to include moving vehicle build dates, delivering on time – and they even fast tracked several vehicles to support our immediate operational need for new starter vans.”

Kevin Woodward, Managing Director, Vehicle Enhancement Division at Bott, commented: “We’ve worked with STILL for a number of years and that relationship has strengthened with every job we have done for them. They are working their way to becoming ‘Van Excellence’ registered, and having van racking installed helps towards achieving this. The industry-led initiative is to raise standards and improve the public’s perception of not just the actual vans and light commercial vehicles but also the businesses and the organisations that operate them. As a ‘Van Excellence Partner’, Bott is able to guide clients like STILL through the process to enable them to get their own certification.”

Bott’s Vehicle Enhancement Division offers in-vehicle racking, drawers and cupboards to create well-organised vehicle interiors – allowing tools and equipment to be safely and efficiently stored and carried. For more information contact Bott on 0844 417 2957 or visit Fleet Conversions.