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Bott Join Bloodhound at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Bott, a product sponsor of The Bloodhound Project, have been invited to join the Supersonic Car’s team as they run a special display area at the largest motoring garden party in the world.

Held in the immaculate grounds of Goodwood House, this annual hill climb event is a true celebration of motor sport and all things automotive and is celebrating its 20th year. The 2013 Festival of Speed theme will focus on highlights from the festival’s glittering history, featuring the biggest, best, fastest, loudest and most outrageous vehicles of all time.

Therefore The Bloodhound Project organisation has been invited to use the Festival of Speed to showcase their work so far on the 1,000mph Land Speed Record car. The 13m jet-and-rocket propelled car will attempt to beat the current land speed record of 763mph in 2014 and become the first vehicle to exceed 1,000mph by 2015. The record attempts will be made in South Africa by Wing Commander Andy Green, the current world land speed and supersonic speed record holder. The festival will be giving special priority to making a big feature of Land Speed Vehicles with a large display of past record holders.

Bloodhound SSC will have a large marquee located on the cricket pitch with a full scale show model of the car, examples of their hi-tech support vehicles and a specially designed control centre. Inside the marquee there will be a selection of interactive activities for the children including K-nex Car building. This area will be supported by Bott with a construction area made up from Bott Cubio cabinets with a fixed worktop where the young (and young at heart) will be able to create their K-nex car masterpieces. Bott staff will also be on hand to assist with any potential interest in the product.

Clive Woodward, Bott’s Group Managing Director said; “We are delighted to be a part of more of the work that Bloodhound is doing to inspire future generations of young engineers. In the UK alone, the project is already being followed in many thousands of primary and secondary schools and around seven million students have access to Bloodhound information where this is related to their curriculum. This programme has successfully reignited the passion that drove Britain’s engineers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We feel that this is of vital importance if we are to continue Britain’s engineering prowess for future generations, this project is more than just breaking records, its setting milestones for the future. That is why we have aligned with this project and are continuing to support Bloodhound.”

Bloodhound Facts

The world land speed record of 1,227km/h set in 1997 is held by Thrust SSC, a UK team lead by Bloodhound's project director Richard Noble and driven by Andy Green.

Components for Bloodhound SSC are being manufactured by specialists across the UK and delivered to the Bloodhound Technical Centre in Bristol for assembly.

UK runway testing will get underway early next year before the team head to Hakskeen Pan to begin high-speed testing.

The Bloodhound team scoured the globe to find the perfect desert to run the car on. It needed to be at least 12 miles by 3 miles and perfectly flat. The Hakskeen Pan, Northern Cape, was selected.

At full speed Bloodhound SSC will cover a mile (1.6km) in 3.6 seconds, that's 4.5 football pitches laid end to end per second.

Bloodhound has three power plants, a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet from a Eurofighter Typhoon, a custom-designed hybrid rocket and a 560kW Cosworth F1 engine that drives the rocket oxidiser pump. Between them they generate 100,000 equivalent kilowatts, equal to 180 F1 cars.

To find out more about Bott’s support of The Bloodhound SSC, visit Bloodhound SSC and come and visit us at the Goodwood Festival which runs from the 11 to the 14 July.