Generation AMR

Generation AMR, the motorsport business which manages the next generation of Aston Martin Racing drivers, has had its Banbury workshop kitted out with a range of Bott storage equipment to improve efficiency and productivity, while complementing its corporate identity.

Established at then end of 2010, Generation AMR is developing the next class of GT drivers associated with Aston Martin Racing. Comprising a team of highly experienced professionals committed to passing on their expertise, Generation AMR’s aim is to develop the skills of young, talented team members as they begin their lives in the motorsport industry. A fully rounded package is provided, ensuring drivers improve their performance on the track while developing the skills and knowledge they need to race professionally.

Generation AMR’s role also involves the continual maintenance of the team’s Aston Martin racing cars, on and off the track. Therefore the company requires storage facilities for a wide range of tools, small consumables such as nuts, bolts, washers and electrical connectors, and spare parts like clutches, brake discs and sensors – with around 80 per cent of these being taken out to racing events.

Bott developed a bespoke storage system for the Banbury workshop, with a configuration and layout designed to improve productivity and efficiency by ensuring items could be easily accessed by mechanics.

A tailored package of Bott Cubio workbenches, drawer cabinets, cupboards and workstations was installed, in a black and grey finish. To enable mechanics to take tools and spare parts out on the road, mobile storage units were also specified and Generation AMR’s own vehicles were kitted out with Bott in-vehicle storage equipment.

Owner of Generation AMR David Appleby said: “When choosing suppliers we always select companies that are aligned with Aston Martin. And, being top of its game and offering technical quality, Bott really is the Aston Martin of the workplace storage market.

“Aesthetics are really important to us – and Bott equipment has a professional and high-quality look that really appealed to us, and the colours and style complement our own corporate image.

“Furthermore, Bott is a good company to work with – I always find them helpful and very responsive.”

Paul Maynard, project sales manager at Bott, said: “Generation AMR is often maintaining and repairing vital elements of a racing car, such as the engine, transmission and chassis, so mechanics need to locate and access tools and parts quickly – especially when they’re out at racing events.

“At Bott we work with our clients to develop a solution based completely around their needs, and we are committed to providing properly planned workspaces that increase productivity and improve efficiency. At Generation AMR Bott products are aiding fast retrieval while reducing damage rates and tool/component losses, and help to provide a professional, high-quality, tidy and safe working environment.”

Ergonomically designed, Bott’s Cubio storage system is easy to use and its smart styling is complemented by a range of hard-wearing paint options, including black, grey, blue red and green. Products in the range can be combined to create tailored and flexible working solutions, which can be seamlessly expanded in the future. Cubio has been designed with durability and demanding applications in mind; it will stand the test of time and can support higher load capacities.