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Built to Last - Our Customer Promise

All Bott manufactured workshop storage products benefit from a 10 year guarantee. At Bott, we've always believed in delivering products which are up to the job and represent a strong long term investment. Our Built to Last philosophy drives every aspect of our business processes. From design, to testing, to manufacture, our processes and culture give us the confidence to stand behind our products.
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A Dedicated Internal Design Team

Our in-house designers focus on understanding customer requirements and developing products which deliver useful functionality and stand the test of time in demanding environments. This process ensures we select the right raw materials, design robust products and follow structured production plans to eliminate possible failure modes.

A Rigorous Testing program

From arduous load tests to saltwater spray corrosion testing, we push products to the limit so you can be confident in their performance.

A State of the Art Factory with a Quality Focused Workforce

We've invested in a state of the art factory in Cornwall, utilising the latest CNC technology and lean production techniques guaranteeing efficiency and repeatable high quality. In addition, our long serving team work together to continually improve both products and processes, ensuring a culture of customer focused quality.


How do I activate my guarantee?
Please visit here and fill in the online form within 30 days of purchasing your products to activate your extended guarantee.

Are Bott In-Vehicle products covered by the same guarantee?
Our philosophy of delivering products Built to Last runs across all areas of the business. The different operating environment for Vehicle Equipment places additional demand on mobile equipment solutions. We offer a comprehensive guarantee for our in-vehicle solutions, which varies according to products and applications involved. Please contact Bott for more information.

How do I claim on my Guarantee?
In the first instance please e-mail guarantee@bottltd.co.uk with details of your claim; we will then be in contact to support your needs.

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